Thank You

I am Sheila Truscott – a singer and entertainer. Thank you so very much for visiting my site. Make yourself at home here. Listen to the samples of my recordings if you wish – the links are in the right column. Music has always been my “best friend.” Through the good times and the bad, I have always expressed myself through a song. On those rainy days, my piano and I seem to work things out. And when love knocked on my door, “Everyday words seemed to turn into love songs” (La Vie En Rose).

Among many great experiences, I have had the opportunity to work with Charlie Chalmers, a gifted songwriter and producer. Chalmers has recorded with, and arranged hit records for, many famous artists. Chalmers has also had a #1 hit record. My CD entitled, “It’s The Feeling” contains 12 original songs written by Chalmers with others. I personally selected each song for this CD, and put my “heart and soul” into each. The genre of music is soft country with a touch of jazz.